Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Part 22
Our Plane Trip Home
The Final Episode 

What a crazy place!  The airport at Provo is extremely small and there was a multitude of people preparing to fly out. We were supposed to fly at 3:30 P.M., but our US Air plane was 25 minutes late.   We finally boarded US Air in a rain storm. Guess it does rain for brief periods in Providentales. 

Arrived in Charlotte at 6:30 P.M.  Now the craziness really began. We had only a little over an hour to catch our connection to Pittsburgh. All had to click perfectly in order to board our plane in time.

We had to go through customs then collect ALL our luggage and place in a special area so it could be screened on US soil. 

They are very strict about any electronic device.  If they see or hear a cell phone, it will be confiscated immediately.  I certainly did not want to lose my iPhone brother. 

Our group was screened in the security area.   Getting close to time for our next flight.  Oh, no!  Judy was stopped by security and had her carry on bag examined.  Seems the scanner picked up a problem. 

Turned out to be an over sized shampoo bottle. Got that resolved and now we were running frantically toward gate at the US Air concourse. On the way up the ramp to the plane, I heard my cell phone ring!!  My about died- thought phone was off- I though that if it would have rang in the US Customs area we would have been super delayed and miss our connection.

Hurray, we are on our plane to Pittsburgh.  We left Charlotte with hearts pumping and bones tired. 

There was a beautiful sunset as we left Charlotte.


The flight to Pittsburgh was about an hour. Once again the boys were excellent on the plane. As we flew into Pittsburgh,  we were greeted with a display of fireworks over the city.  Most likely they were coming from the baseball park   

Our plane landed in Pittsburgh around 9:30 P.M.  Sarah and Jeff took Nate to get the cars that were  parked in long term parking. Judy, Shirley,Sam, and I were off to collect our baggage. 

Problem - we waited and waited. Our two checked bags along with one of Jeff's and Sarah's were no where to be found.  After contacting a US Air agent, it's seems the bags were not on our flight but will be on the next plane. They were to deliver our luggage in Bridgeport during the night. 
We had supper around midnight at a McDonald's near the airport. We arrived at Sarah and Jeff's at 2:00 A.M. on Sunday.  When I awoke around 7, I went to the porch.  NO LUGGAGE.  It did arrive around 10:00!

What a wonderful tip and adventure.  Thank you all for allowing us to share that with blog family.


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