Sunday, August 19, 2012

Part 20

After shopping we headed to  Hemingway's Restaurant at the Sands Resort.  What another great adventure!  Wait until you see what unfolded.
As we arrived at the restaurant there was a delightful Caribbean band in full dress unloading. Judy had to have a picture with these young people. They were in full native costume. Hold on -  the name of the band is "WE FUNK". 

The young folks had no idea why they were there.  They just knew they were hired for a "gig".

As we were escorted to our table, we noticed a wedding being conducted on the beach. What a lovely evening!

This is a marvelous location for a restaurant - Grace Bay is certainly beautiful.  We had to take some time for pictures.

We ordered our meals. Judy and I had the Grouper Creole and fried ice cream for desert.


We noticed "WE FUNK" heading to the wedding reception.  How could we miss them- they traveled by our table!

Tomorrow's blog - You will never guess what happened at the end of the meal!


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