Monday, August 20, 2012

Part 20
"We Funk"

As we were finishing our supper, here comes "We Funk" back from the wedding reception.  Hearing drums by the pool area, Judy, Shirley, and the boys headed in that direction with cameras in hand.

It seems that on their way back from the reception. a gentleman at one of our tables paid them to play a song.  What energy! 


I was on my way to buy a Hemingway's T-shirt when I noticed Judy in the middle of the band.  My good wife was hopping around like a young virgin at a fertility dance. 

The group was all percussion with the exception of one whistle. Yep, like a drum major, he led his musical troop by blowing his whistle.

What a great end to a most memorable evening!  We left with the knowledge that we had another "a most special adventure".  As we arrived at Windsong, it was time to start packing for the trip home.


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