Saturday, August 18, 2012

Part 19
Island Adventure Quickly Ending

This was our last full day on Provo. Below is our waiter Samuel who each day made certain we had breakfast.  He is from Haiti.  His voice was so low that Judy asked if he sang in the church choir.  Samuel said that he does, indeed, when he is home.

 Another fine gentlemen who helped us throughout the week was Charles.  Charles had the responsibility of the beach setup for the resort.  He was a charming and helpful lad.


The morning was devoted to beach, pool, and snorkeling. Some snorkelers saw octopus and green turtles.

Jeff took the boys in the paddle boat.

Nate was busy finding treasures on the beach.

Sam helped out also with the treasure hunt.

Lunch was in the condo.  It was imperative that we all eat the pounds and pounds of lunch meat that Sarah purchased.  Rest again in the afternoon. I was getting used to this routine!  Too bad it will end soon.  Sarah and Jeff went in the afternoon down by Turtle Cove to snorkel on the reef.

In the evening, Miss Judy decided she needed to shop for T-shirts. After the kids returned from Turtle Cove, we all went to Salt Mills shopping center. We arrived a little before 6:00 P.M.  Guess what? Most  shops close at 6:00. Did find 1 shop that closed at 6:30.  Judy bought 3 shirts and some things for the granddaughters.

Tomorrow's blog - A Most Special Eatery For Our Last Supper!


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