Friday, August 17, 2012

 Part 18
More Aquatic Fun

Ah, a morning breakfast at JOJO's!

Our crew went off to pool and.....

... and then to the beach.

Twas another perfect day of snorkeling .  We came back to condo with the boys. Sarah and Jeff stayed to snorkel along the reef. They saw plenty of fish plus seven barracudas that were stacked one on top of another.  They may have been sleeping at the edge of the reef.  Sarah was concerned, as well as she should be, that she had on silver rings that reflected light extremely well.  The barracuda will often attack such items thinking they are prey.  A bite from these guys can be serious.  It was no problem as she kept her distance.  Great morning! 

Had lunch in condo and off for our daily siesta.  We decided to eat supper once again at Da Conch Shack.  Jeff, remember, drive on left!  He drove with skill and grace. (chuckle)

Da Conch Shack was as yummy as the first time. I ordered the fish tacos and Judy had the grilled shrimp. We shared a bowl of conch chowder.  The last time we ate this dish we were in Bermuda many years ago. 

When we returned to the condo, we checked on the ferry to West Caicos. Discovered that it was only a passenger ferry.  We opted to not go this route tomorrow. The boys, Mom and Dad went night swimming. Sarah had purchased many glow  stick necklaces, bracelets,  and other glow thingies. It was a joy to watch the kids jump and dive into the pool with these colorful adornments. 

Grandma and Grandma watched from pool side drinking margaritas. Someone has to keep the economy of the bar healthy! 

Tomorrow- Last full day in the Provo!


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