Friday, August 10, 2012

Part 11
Da Conch Shack
Conch Preparation

Our last adventure on the Concha Wonka tour was lunch at Da Conch Shack. This is an open-air landmark restaurant where the conch is harvested right in front of you and served every way imaginable -- as salad, chowder, fritters, stir-fried, or as ceviche.

Seafood gets no fresher than this .  The surroundings were classic Caribbean - unbelievably blue waters and eating on the beach with sand at our feet.    

The conchs were collected and prepared on the beach. The newly collected conch in the wheelbarrow are being prepared by the fellow in the white apron.

A hammer chipped a slit in the conch shell then a knife was used to extract the beast.

Once the meat is out of the shell, the meat was tenderized by striking with a stick.

Desmond asked if I would like to eat the "worm" of the conch.  Being a fearless gourmet, I said yes.  It tasted like a salty gummy worm.  I am certain that this "worm" increased my immune system and libido!

I asked if I could take a "worm" to my good wife.  Desmond provided another from a second conch.  I handed it to Judy.

Judy did well.  I am waiting for the effect to take place on each of us!

I have tried to "Google" the conch worm but have not found as yet what actually is this anatomical feature. 

We were getting ready to eat when Sarah noticed this product from the Turks and Caicos.  

The "worm" of the conch had no drastic effects while eating.  A small taste of this pepper sauce had a definite effect of Sarah!

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