Friday, June 15, 2012

Father's Day Gift?

About a month ago, my good wife sensed that I was looking into a new piece of technology.  She said, "Sweet Heart, why don't you buy that for your Father's Day gift?"  I am not one to disappoint her and always try to make her task easier.  I purchased an Eye-Fi card for my camera. Thanks, Sweet Heart!

With an Eye-Fi X2 card, you can instantly upload full resolution photos & videos directly from your digital camera to your iPhone or iPad, wherever you are. Connect your Eye-Fi X2 card directly to your iPhone or iPad anywhere using Direct Mode - no tethering, Wi-Fi router or Wi-Fi hotspot required. Just turn your camera on, and let Eye-Fi do the work for you.

Thanks to the Eye-Fi app, you can automatically back up and organize photos and videos by date on your home computer, or share them on your favorite online site. Now you can get all your photos backed up and organized, whether you took them with your digital camera or iPhone/iPad. No cables. No hassles.

Key benefits:

•Wireless backups & organization on your computer. Eye-Fi sends your full resolution photos and videos to your computer. No more fussing with cables.

•Stay organized. Eye-Fi automatically organizes photos & videos on your computer by date or drops them into iPhoto on your Mac.

•Select all or just the photos and videos you want and choose where they go. Want to send a few pictures to your friends on Facebook, another group of photos to your Picasa album? Eye-Fi makes it easy.

When used with an Eye-Fi X2 card:

•Instant uploads from your camera to your iPhone or iPad’s photo gallery – anywhere. The Eye-Fi X2 card connects directly to your iPhone/iPad using Direct Mode. No tethering, Wi-Fi router or Wi-Fi hotspot required.

•Use your favorite iOS apps to view, edit and share your photos

•Want to share on-the-go? The Eye-Fi app can use your iPhone/iPad’s data connection (EDGE, 3G or Wi-Fi) to upload stored photos to your favorite online sharing site, wherever you are (data charges may apply). 

Now you know about this piece of technology, I would suggest you look into this for your system.  (Be sure to ask your wife if you should purchase it!)  I now have the camera with the Eye-Fi card installed.  I am ready for the Folk Festival which begins nect Thursday, June 21st.


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