Thursday, June 14, 2012

 Girl Scout's 100th

Rachael and Flora traveled to the Mall in Washington, D.C. last Saturday to celebrate the Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary.  Flora (Top row and second from the left) posed with her  Shepherdstown girl scout troop.

An estimated 200,000 Girl Scouts, family, alumnae and friends from around the world and every Girl Scout Council in the United States attended the "Rock the Mall" event that celebrated the Girl Scout movement. The event featured songs by the girls along with audience participation.

Rachael said it was so hot that she was ready to have Flora checked out for heat exposure when the fire departments arrived.  They were a blessing.  Misting the crowds worked well to cool off the participants.

They had a full day.  The girls attended the Smithsonian's Natural History museum and saw the Hope Diamond and dinosaurs.  Rach and Flora were tired puppies when they got home. It was a great day!


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