Monday, September 26, 2011

Proctology for a Chicken!

I smoked a chicken last week using the ole Beer in The Butt method.

Recipes for Beer In The Butt Chicken explain that you smoke the chicken with a beer can placed up the chicken's cloaca (Butt for you non-biologists!) The beer moistens the interior of the bird during the smoking process.

The device above is used to smoke a whole chicken instead of using the beer can. This "high tech" device is a stainless steel frame that sports a central canister that can be filled with beer, wine, or any other liquid. The chicken is placed GENTLY over the canister before cooking.

The rub I used consisted of dried sage, cayenne pepper, celery salt, black pepper, brown sugar, garlic powder, and thyme leaves. Marinade is butter, chicken stock, brandy, and lemon juice.

After the chicken reached the correct temperature, it came out of the smoker beautifully!

It was ready to carve. We had friends over and the girls outdid themselves with the other parts of the meal.

Let's see we had a great salad...

oven roasted potatoes...


and the best peach/blueberry cobbler made by my good wife.

I will be posting other foods cooked in our new smoker!


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