Saturday, September 24, 2011


We stayed Monday evening with Jeff and Sarah. At 6 P.M. Sammy had a football game. Grandma and I went with Nate and Sarah to the Bridgeport City Park to watch this exciting athletic event. Sammy's team is the Black Team. They played the Green Team. Happy to see that Black and Blue teams were not playing each other - that could be dangerous. (OK - poor joke)

It was a cloudy evening. Looked as if it may rain. Nate could care less. He was really not into the football experience, but was eying the playground.

The Black Team received their instructions from the coaches.

Grandma did not need any instruction. She may not know the intricacies of the game, but she knows that she enjoys watching all the kids.

It was great to see the team members learning new skillsw. We left at 1/2 time. It started raining pretty heavy. The teams stuck it out till the end of the game. Score was 3 to 2 with the Green Team winning.

We had to stop for a few minutes as the rain was pouring down our cheeks to let Nate play on the slippery playground equipment.

We are such good grandparents! (And so modest!!)


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