Friday, September 16, 2011

Game Ended

As mentioned yesterday, the WVU Band, The Pride of West Virginia, performed at half-time. The finale of the show was the display of a huge United States flag.

As I watched the crowd, I noticed a WV Lottery balloon being punted from one end of the stadium to the other. Reminded me of beach balls that suddenly appear at high school graduations. (Usually to the horror of the faculty.)

Both of our grandsons are really into sports. They have a good mentor in their Dad, Jeff.
I had best give the Mom some credit here also!

The Mountaineers came back the second half of the game and played much better.

The final score was WVU 55 and Norfolk State University 16. It certainly does not take long for the stadium to be emptied after the game ends.

We left Morgantown with folks still tail gating. I noticed that football makes some folks amorous!

It was another great time with family in Morgantown.


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