Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Is Here

Judy and I traveled on Sunday to Shepherdstown to visit our Eastern Panhandle family. On our way home, we stopped by Sunny Meadows which is located on Sharpsburg Pike near Boonsboro, MD. These folks do a tremendous job throughout the year in providing landscape services, fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, and pond/outdoor furniture needs.

I love to take photos of pumpkins.

I really believe that fall is in the air when the pumpkins appear at local markets. They have a variety of unique pumpkins. Judy and I bought a large pumpkin called a knucklehead. It has large wart-like bumps on the skin. Pumpkins with smaller warts are named goosebumps.

Asters were outstanding and always make me happy. I think blue flowers are harder to find than the whites, reds, and yellows. These asters are very hardy.

Chrysanthemums also are harbingers of fall. The varieties of colors available in these plants are amazing.

Judy and I appreciated the fresh fruits and vegetables that were available. Peaches have been exceptionally wonderful this year.

We selected three varieties of local grown apples to take home.

We left with our van filled with peaches, chrysanthemums, Indian corn, apples, cantaloupes, green beans, and that knucklehead pumpkin.

I was interested to see hydrangeas were still in bloom.

Where did we eat lunch? You will know tomorrow.


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