Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The girls were so excited when James showed up with a white bunny. He caught it in a field next to the condos. No, it was not a snowshoe hare- twas a domestic variety.

Seems that a local farmer had too many baby rabbits so he decided to release them. James was an expert rabbit stalker. His mother could not believe that he kept bringing the critters onto the deck of their unit.

He ended up capturing three baby rabbits. James talked his family into taking them home when they left of Friday. I think they did talk the cleaning lady into keeping one. The other two should now be at their home in Ohio.

Tomorrow - Fishing at Deerfield


Blogger Sabah said...

Hi Jim,
i like your blogs...you are a wonderful writer...me i am Sarah...warm regards

12:11 AM  
Blogger Sabah said...

Hi Jim,
you are a wonderful writer...i love to read your blogs..warm regards sabah

12:14 AM  

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