Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Last Evening

On Thursday afternoon the kids had to head back to Shepherdstown. Judy and I went to The Golden Anchor for a seafood supper. The Golden Anchor had no air conditioning so we ate on the patio. Thankfully it was shaded. After supper, we returned to our condo and headed to the pool for the last time.

It was another warm day on Friday. We packed the van, checked out at the Deerfield office, and headed to Amelia's Restaurant for breakfast.

Guess what? Amelia's restaurant was air conditioned. Hurray! The food was great!

It was a good 4 days in Canaan Valley with the family. We headed home and found that it was still 90 plus degrees in Glenville. The house air conditioning system was working - all was well.


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Sir and madam
biology was and.. will always
be my fav subject...pathology pharmacology and micro biology too were my fav subjects..regards

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