Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Last Evening

On Thursday afternoon the kids had to head back to Shepherdstown. Judy and I went to The Golden Anchor for a seafood supper. The Golden Anchor had no air conditioning so we ate on the patio. Thankfully it was shaded. After supper, we returned to our condo and headed to the pool for the last time.

It was another warm day on Friday. We packed the van, checked out at the Deerfield office, and headed to Amelia's Restaurant for breakfast.

Guess what? Amelia's restaurant was air conditioned. Hurray! The food was great!

It was a good 4 days in Canaan Valley with the family. We headed home and found that it was still 90 plus degrees in Glenville. The house air conditioning system was working - all was well.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


The Deerfield Resort has a beautiful little fishing pond. It contains bluegill, bass, and catfish.

We took Flora and Lucy on a fishing safari. Flora caught her first fish - a beautiful bluegill. You will notice that I have no pictures of the girls or their fish. I really do not know why except Grandpa was extremely busy placing worms on their fishing hooks. The pond is a catch and release pond - I will have to get barb-less hooks on our next visit.

The real fisherman was James. Here he is with his grandpa and brother Liam.

James was fishing with hot dogs and caught a plethora of fish! I will know next time that this is a cheaper option than paying over three bucks for a dozen worms at the Canaan Valley store.

It was really fun watching the kids on this fishing safari.

Tomorrow - The Last Day

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The girls were so excited when James showed up with a white bunny. He caught it in a field next to the condos. No, it was not a snowshoe hare- twas a domestic variety.

Seems that a local farmer had too many baby rabbits so he decided to release them. James was an expert rabbit stalker. His mother could not believe that he kept bringing the critters onto the deck of their unit.

He ended up capturing three baby rabbits. James talked his family into taking them home when they left of Friday. I think they did talk the cleaning lady into keeping one. The other two should now be at their home in Ohio.

Tomorrow - Fishing at Deerfield

Monday, July 25, 2011


We were at the pool several times a day. The temperatures throughout the week were extremely hot for this area. Guess we could not complain too much about 90 degree when they were having 105 plus temperatures in the D.C. area.

Rachael was doing her mental exercise by working on The New York Times crossword puzzle.

John was also in a puzzlement.

I believe Flora understood best would the float was supposed to operate.

I was the official life guard. It is always good to have a geriatric arthritic on duty. I know everyone felt much safer because I was there.

The pool was certainly enjoyed!

More tomorrow.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Deerfield Village

Judy and I spent last week with Rachael, John, Flora, and Lucy at Deerfield Village located in Canaan Valley. We checked into unit 70 on Monday.

We enjoyed our stay at Deerfield. It is so convenient for the grand kids. All the amenities were located across the road from our condo. Within a few minutes of walking one could access the pool, fishing pond, pavilion, tennis courts, volleyball court, basketball court, horseshoe pits, and the sand play area.

Each condo has their own private deck with a BBQ grill.

Flora is really growing. She will be in 3rd grade this fall in Shepherdstown.

The pool area was a major part of our lives during our stay.

The sand area was a favorite for Lucy. She is actively digging using this high tech device.

We had neighbors that had two very cute boys, James and Liam. Liam is shown below starting his sand castle.

Lucy is saying, "Come on Guys - It is pool time!"

Tomorrow - more from Deerfield Village.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Around the yard

Previously I shared with you all some of our flowers. Here are a couple more blossoms that grace our yard. The lilies are in full bloom. This spring a volunteer pumpkin sprouted by the ole ash tree. It grew from last fall's Halloween pumpkin that had been composted. I am so impressed with the large, shiny, yellow blooms.

Our koi pond is also doing well. The critters seem to really enjoy their habitat.

We have our new basement entry wall completed and even poured a 8X6 foot pad for the grill.

More later.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Gandy Dancer Dinner Theater

Friday evening Mom, Judy, and I headed to Elkins to eat at the newly opened Gandy Dancer Dinner Theater.

It is always a blessing to have Mom Meads with us.

The food and service were excellent. The meal consisted of a half of a roasted chicken, green beans, baked potatoes, wonderful rolls, slaw, and a dessert.

The personnel and staff of the dinner theater were extremely friendly and helped us in every way possible.

The skills of the performers were excellent. I believe they are still honing the production. The songs were songs that we would not have selected. (We believe that the American Mountain theater has a better show selection.) The real problem was the sound system was much too loud for the size of the theater.

We drove home with a huge full moon lighting our path. As we left Elkins, the windmills on the ridge tops were silhouetted against the evening sky. It was a good evening.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sharing Blossoms

We love this time of year. The colors of the summer flowers are always amazing. The yellow of the cone flowers brings a smile to my face. What a happy flower!

The brilliant reds make the flowers below seem so exotic.(Croscosmia lucifer is always amazing!