Friday, December 31, 2010


This is the last day of 2010 so enjoy! I am certain that many of you will be celebrating New Years Eve tonight. The Meads family wishes you and your family all the best for 2011.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Thaw

Yesterday was the day when the snow finally started to recede. Hurray, I saw some green grass! It was around 40 degrees. I looked out at the melting pond and found a special pattern in the water. Mother Nature formed this interesting sunburst pattern. I needed to share this with you all.

Our friends trapped in New York City by the blizzard are supposed to finally fly out this morning at 7:00 A.M. Will keep you informed.

Friends, tomorrow is the last day of 2010. Each year has brought blessings to our family. Hope you all feel the same.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Yes, we had a white Christmas. There was additional snow on Boxing Day. In Britain, Boxing Day is usually celebrated on the day after Christmas, which is 26 December. However, strictly speaking, Boxing Day is the first weekday after Christmas.

An 'Alms Box' was placed in every church on Christmas Day, into which worshipers placed a gift for the poor of the parish. These boxes were always opened the day after Christmas, which is why that day became know as Boxing Day.

Many poorly paid domestic workers were required to work on Christmas Day and took the following day off to visit their families and celebrate Christmas. As they prepared to leave their places of employment, their employers would present them with Christmas boxes.

During the late 18th century, Lords and Ladies of the manor would "box up" their leftover food, or sometimes gifts and distribute them the day after Christmas to tenants who lived and worked on their lands.

A huge snow storm moved up the East Coast this Boxing Day. Travel was a problem. Our good friends planned a vacation in New York City. On Christmas Day they drove to Columbus, with plans to fly out at 10:00 AM the next day for New York City. They sent a text message explaining that, because of the snow storm, the flight to LaGuardia was delayed. They finally flew out at around 12:30. Problem- all flights into LaGuardia in New York City were canceled. The folks landed in Albany, NY around 3:00, and were about 160 miles from NYC. Next came the announcement that they would be bussed all folks into New York, which involved blizzard conditions and 40-mile-an-hour winds. They finally arrived at the Port Authority of New York City where they took the subway and then walked several blocks through the blizzard carrying luggage to their hotel. It was after 11 P.M. when they finally reached their hotel. New York City had 13 inches of white fluffies! Wow! I am tired and I did not even live through this adventure.

They actually fulfilled John Candy and Steve Martin's 1987 movie "Planes, Trains (the subway), and Automobiles" (well, auto trip to Columbus and the most exciting bus trip)." Brrrrrrrrr!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Gifts

Lucy is opening up a present from Diana. She loved it! It was a Baby Alive!

All the grand kids received super hero caps with their initials on the backs. They loved Aunt Sarah's gift.

Uncle Bill was in charge of any emergencies that might occur during gift exchange. He and Diana were the only folks carrying pen knives that could be used for opening presents.

Miss Diana is always a joy to have with us. She is an important part of our family. I think she is opening chocolates along with copper earrings crafted by a WV artist.

Diana took on the responsibility as the head trash compactor. Love her stomping technique.

Sam received from Grandma and Grandpa a leather tool belt with real tools. Look out Tim Allen!

Thanks for allowing us to share a few quick glimpses of our 2010 Christmas gathering.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Few Glimpses of Christmas 2010

We had our annual family Christmas assemblage at Sarah and Jeff's on Thursday. It is always an exciting time when all the grandkids are in one place. Momma Sarah and Nate enjoyed the Christmas swing.

Sarah was helped in the kitchen by Elf Aunt Judy. The food was yummy and was prepared in the spirit of Mexican cuisines.

Home-made chicken enchiladas were the main course.

Corn cakes, fresh salsa, and even the infamous hominy casserole were on the menu.

It is always a fun time sharing with family and friends. Flora is excited about visiting her cousins. Actually, all the grandkids have a super time playing with each other. It is easy to tell that by the noise level!

Before our meal, there was time for reading and sharing stories. Grandma and Diana read a pop-up book with Nate.

Judy sang "Jingle Bells" accompanied by her musical frog.

Nate enjoyed another reading session with Grandma Great and Grandpa. I know - that look on my face is reminiscent of a person that exhibits "shell shock".

Twas finally time to share our Christmas lunch. The grandkids - Flora, Lucy, Nate, and Sammy- ate rather quickly. It perhaps had to do with the gift exchange that was soon to follow.

Tomorrow the Kids Open Gifts!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Wedding
Final Episode

Wow, what a beautiful cake! The meal was great with steak, chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, and rolls. I describe the food using Meads every-day lingo. The menu was much more expressive in the listing of offerings.

As always, introduction of the wedding party along with the newlyweds is part of the festivities.

My princess was as lovely as ever. It is a pleasure to share these experiences with my love and best friend.

Curtis and Vickie danced in a most professional manner. Man, that Curtis can really move around the dance floor. If only I could be so lucky!

Vickie danced with Waid in the Mother-Son dance and a special song for Vickie.

My Judy loves wedding cakes. She looks forward to the cutting of the cake. I am usually ready to leave a wedding reception fairly early in the celebration. When I say, "Are you ready to go now?" she always says, "I am not leaving without a piece of wedding cake!" She gave this particular wedding cake rave reviews.

Beside the large wedding cake are two small cakes inscribed with "Happy Anniversary" and "Happy Birthday." Parents of the groom, Vickie and Curt Harper were married on December 18, 34 years ago, so they now share that anniversary day with their son Waid and new daughter-in-law, Brittin. Also, I was a groomsman in their wedding! Their oldest son, Seth, who was the best man, was born 31 years ago on their anniversary, so December the 18th is a very special day for their family.

Here we have the bride throwing her flower bouquet to all the single women. The groom continued with throwing the garter to the eligible bachelors.

It was a great wedding. Thanks to our friends for inviting us to share in this special moment in their lives.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!
The Wedding

Our family wishes you a blessed Christmas today.

Now to continue our wedding adventure.

The bride was lovely. Every time we are at a wedding, I see the bride and revisit images of my bride 43 years ago. Brittin was beautiful as was my Judy many years ago. The service went well. Waid did not faint! The couple exchanged vows and rings.

The introduction of Mr. and Mrs. Waid Harper concluded the official ceremony.

The procession went well with the other members of the wedding party leaving the area.

Curtis and Vickie Harper did super. They are the parents of Waid and best man, Seth. These folks are very special to our family.

There was a reception before dinner. The newly weds greeted their guests and were appreciative of all the folks who shared this very special day with them.

Curtis and Vickie were gracious in welcoming guests. They were so happy.

There were appetizers and drinks served during this period. Judy had a couple of cosmos, a cocktail consisting of vodka, triple sec, and cranberry juice. Thankfully, I did not have to carry her into the dining area! (Chuckle)

Tomorrow- the Final Episode of the Harper wedding.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Glade Springs

On Saturday afternoon, we arrived at the resort. We were ready to check into our room when....

the groom appeared at the registration desk and gave us welcome hugs. Waid offered to get our belongings out of the car and carry them to our room. Since he was dressed in his tuxedo and shiny dress shoes and the parking area was slushy, we refused his kind offer. The bridal party was going to have pictures taken prior to the wedding so they could glide right into the reception with their guests. A practical and considerate plan, we thought. Before we knew it, the groom was loading himself up with our luggage and hauling it to our room. Here he is at a special time in his life, and he wants to be our bell hop. What a neat young man!

Into our room we went. I placed my "Nemo" pillow on the bed. I carry either a bass or clown fish pillow to support my tender head! What is laying at the foot of the bed?

My good wife packed my meal worm tie. When I was teaching, I had quite a collection of nature ties. This tie was the one I would wear during entomology class and especially when I would stir fry my favorite meal worm snacks for the students.

Miss Judy tried on the official "Glade Resort" bathrobe. We rested, dressed in our finery, and were off to Waid and Brittin's wedding at 5:30 P.M.

Tomorrow- the Wedding.