Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Wedding
Final Episode

Wow, what a beautiful cake! The meal was great with steak, chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, and rolls. I describe the food using Meads every-day lingo. The menu was much more expressive in the listing of offerings.

As always, introduction of the wedding party along with the newlyweds is part of the festivities.

My princess was as lovely as ever. It is a pleasure to share these experiences with my love and best friend.

Curtis and Vickie danced in a most professional manner. Man, that Curtis can really move around the dance floor. If only I could be so lucky!

Vickie danced with Waid in the Mother-Son dance and a special song for Vickie.

My Judy loves wedding cakes. She looks forward to the cutting of the cake. I am usually ready to leave a wedding reception fairly early in the celebration. When I say, "Are you ready to go now?" she always says, "I am not leaving without a piece of wedding cake!" She gave this particular wedding cake rave reviews.

Beside the large wedding cake are two small cakes inscribed with "Happy Anniversary" and "Happy Birthday." Parents of the groom, Vickie and Curt Harper were married on December 18, 34 years ago, so they now share that anniversary day with their son Waid and new daughter-in-law, Brittin. Also, I was a groomsman in their wedding! Their oldest son, Seth, who was the best man, was born 31 years ago on their anniversary, so December the 18th is a very special day for their family.

Here we have the bride throwing her flower bouquet to all the single women. The groom continued with throwing the garter to the eligible bachelors.

It was a great wedding. Thanks to our friends for inviting us to share in this special moment in their lives.


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