Monday, December 27, 2010

Few Glimpses of Christmas 2010

We had our annual family Christmas assemblage at Sarah and Jeff's on Thursday. It is always an exciting time when all the grandkids are in one place. Momma Sarah and Nate enjoyed the Christmas swing.

Sarah was helped in the kitchen by Elf Aunt Judy. The food was yummy and was prepared in the spirit of Mexican cuisines.

Home-made chicken enchiladas were the main course.

Corn cakes, fresh salsa, and even the infamous hominy casserole were on the menu.

It is always a fun time sharing with family and friends. Flora is excited about visiting her cousins. Actually, all the grandkids have a super time playing with each other. It is easy to tell that by the noise level!

Before our meal, there was time for reading and sharing stories. Grandma and Diana read a pop-up book with Nate.

Judy sang "Jingle Bells" accompanied by her musical frog.

Nate enjoyed another reading session with Grandma Great and Grandpa. I know - that look on my face is reminiscent of a person that exhibits "shell shock".

Twas finally time to share our Christmas lunch. The grandkids - Flora, Lucy, Nate, and Sammy- ate rather quickly. It perhaps had to do with the gift exchange that was soon to follow.

Tomorrow the Kids Open Gifts!


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