Friday, December 24, 2010

Glade Springs

On Saturday afternoon, we arrived at the resort. We were ready to check into our room when....

the groom appeared at the registration desk and gave us welcome hugs. Waid offered to get our belongings out of the car and carry them to our room. Since he was dressed in his tuxedo and shiny dress shoes and the parking area was slushy, we refused his kind offer. The bridal party was going to have pictures taken prior to the wedding so they could glide right into the reception with their guests. A practical and considerate plan, we thought. Before we knew it, the groom was loading himself up with our luggage and hauling it to our room. Here he is at a special time in his life, and he wants to be our bell hop. What a neat young man!

Into our room we went. I placed my "Nemo" pillow on the bed. I carry either a bass or clown fish pillow to support my tender head! What is laying at the foot of the bed?

My good wife packed my meal worm tie. When I was teaching, I had quite a collection of nature ties. This tie was the one I would wear during entomology class and especially when I would stir fry my favorite meal worm snacks for the students.

Miss Judy tried on the official "Glade Resort" bathrobe. We rested, dressed in our finery, and were off to Waid and Brittin's wedding at 5:30 P.M.

Tomorrow- the Wedding.


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