Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Cooking With Flora

It seems that Flora's favorite play critters are called Littlest Pet Shop animals. Grandma bought Flora a Littlest Pet Shop sticker book and it was a hit!

Yesterday involved the two gourmet cooks (Flora and Grandma) fixing brownies.

The brownies they made had to have all that good and gooey icing placed lovingly on top.

OK, the cooks made desert. What are brownies without home-made ice cream? Flora mixes the ingredients and then places them in the ice cream maker ball that freezes the mixture. This ball was a gift from Pix and Dan- has been an unusual addition to our kitchen.

The ice cream maker ball has to be rolled so what better way than to play soccer as the ice cream freezes?

Success! Ice cream made!

It is raining this morning. We had fishing on tap, but will see how the weather develops. This is Flora's last full day with us. We have to meet Dad John tomorrow.


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