Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Fishing Flora At Cedar Creek

Yesterday's rains stopped in the afternoon and the sky cleared. Flora said that fishing is on the agenda. Grand parents did not disagree. When we arrived at Cedar Creek State Park, a group of blue-winged teals were busily preening themselves.

Grandpa shows Flora the winning technique of placing a night crawler on the hook.

Miss Flora does so well at casting out her line. I suppect it is the official Barbie fishing pole that Grandma and Grandpa purchased for her.

This is the life - fine weather, fine fishing, and a fine fishing hat!

As we were fishing some friends showed up on our pond bank. Why, it is Kaylene and Daisy! These are two of the grand daughters of our friend, Sharon.

Here is Sharon with the three gals. Oh, for some reason fishing took a backseat when the thoughts of playing on the play ground equipment came into our discussion. The kids, Grandma, and Sharon were off to the swings.

Amazing that the play ground equipment at Cedar Creek is the same as when the park opened. The gals loved the tall slide.

Miss Sharon helped the kids on what she describes at the Witch's Tree. Up in the air and around and around - the kids love this type of play.

The final ride was the merry-go-round. This was also powered by Sharon. Where were Grandma and Grandpa? We were being amazed at Sharon's strength and energy.

It was certainly a fun and full final day for Flora at Grandma and Grandpa Meads house. As we left the playgound, a doe exited the bush with her two fawns.

Supper was pizza from Pizza Hut. Of course, Flora had to have her bath before eating. Night crawler juice and playground mud does not improve the taste of pizza!


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