Thursday, June 05, 2008

Sam "The Tiger Woods" Dodson

When we arrived at Jeff's and Sarah's, here came Sam out to met us. He was so excited to show us his new skill at playing golf. Dad Jeff has worked with him and explained the techniques essential for the sport of golf. Sam quickly chose his purple driver and off to the course. (Course being the cement driveway!) Notice above the skinned nose where Sam decided to kiss the pavement.

"See, Grandma and Grandpa, here is the way a guy holds the club and lines up the ball."

Sometimes the ball does not cooperate and tends to run away on the cement driveway. Soon Sam will advance to a real green and this problem will be resolved.

Sam has his chipping iron. There may be a directional problem here. Well, there may be a way to chip the ball toward the north even when the holes are toward the south!

After all the golfing, it became necessary for Sam to sit in his Blue's Clues Thinking Chair.

We had a good Dodson family meal and we then drove to the hamlet of Glenville with visions of Sam "The Golfer" in our thoughts. I am wondering if I will be too old to be Sam's manager when he gets to the PGA!


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