Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Freed's Flowers

Yesterday we were in Clarksburg for a doctor's appointment. After our medical checkup, Judy decided we should stop by one of our favorite greenhouses, Freed's. They always have a wonderful selection of healthy plants. You can access their website by clicking on

Miss Judy said that we needed to get some plants for us and also for planting at our church. Off she went with her empty box.

While Judy shopped, I took some time to photograph some of the great flowers.

Oh, no! Judy is now up to filling four boxes! She loves flowers and gets a little out of control. She does not realize that someone has to plant these critters (I am "the someone") and how many it takes to fill a specific area.

See how happy she looks! I calculated that, with the flowers she selected, we could easily plant about an acre! As she checked out and paid for her purchase, I met her at the car to load her plethora of flora. Sheepishly she told me the amount that she paid. I shall not tell you the exact amount, but it was much more than the new DVD player we just purchased hours before.

After our flower adventure, we headed to have a quick supper with Sarah, Jeff, and, of course, Sam. By the way, tomorrow you will experience Sam's new skill!


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