Saturday, May 24, 2008

What's Up?

This yellow helicopter flew around the Glenville area for several hours yesterday morning. It was carrying this long pole-like object. The helicopter kept flying and circling around.

I stopped by the FRN in town to get some expert advice on the subject. One friend said it may be a rotary saw used to clear right-of-ways. After looking, he said that it probably was not that. I know that towers are constructed by flying in pieces during construction, but why circle and not land. Several guys on the street said they were setting poles. I mentioned that they circle and never seem to land. They said "The pilot is waiting for the hole to be dug!" Other suggestions were a high tech scanning device, a Japanese beetle trap for fast moving and high flying insects, and many other crazy ideas.

If you know what is trailing from this helicopter, make a comment! Thanks.


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