Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend

If you did not get the helicopter question on the last blog, the answer is that it was busy cutting trees on the right-of-ways. Collin explained to me the principles of this procedure. The saw is dangling from the underneath of the helicopter. It has to be a high risk occupation!

We did, indeed, enjoy the weekend with Dan and Pix on the beautiful Greenbrier River in the hamlet of Seebert. One of our traditions is to have breakfast at least once in Marlinton at French's Restaurant. We have mentioned this great location in previous blogs. Saturday was no exception. Off to French's!

The grill cook is Debbie. She is a true grill artist!

Dan loves the country ham. Here is his meager plate of food - Eggs, country ham, home fries, and toast are on his plate. Notice how his hands are reminescent of the paintings of Henry the 8th during his feasts.

Miss Debbie enjoys seeing us quickly consume our food. She certainly has a happy smile.

Marlinton was busy with folks, such the group pictured below, heading for fun on the river. We decided on a less aerobic activity. We are of to Richardson's Hardware. This hardware has not changed much since 1901.


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