Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday 13th - 84th Birthday!

Yesterday we celebrated Grandma Great Meads' 84th birthday here in Glenville. We had a super meal. I smoked chicken and it was complemented by potato salad, marinated mushrooms and carrots (Mama Jarrolls recipes from the Country Roads Inn), fresh green beans, fruit salad, homemade bread, and, of course, birthday cake.

Diana is between my two Judys. Diana is a true friend who is part of our family.

Also attending this gala (sounds as if I am a New York society writer!) was Louise, Maria, and David from Spencer.

Here is the 84 year old birthday girl! She has just opened a glass hummingbird from Louise.

The cake was made by the good wife from a recipe discovered in Southern Living. It was yummy!

The cake was another version of "massacre" by chocolate. One does not want to know the caloric value of a small piece of this wonderful dessert.

Guess who arrived after lunch? Sammy and Sarah came in to celebrate with Grandma Great. Grandma had to hug Sam as soon as he came through the door.

Sam made his rounds. He is a social critter!

Grandma Great Meads got to have a big birthday kiss from the little guy.
As we were finishing our meal, we noticed that the squirrels and birds on the feeder were replaced by another critter. This raccoon must have wanted in on the celebration.

Sam and his Mom are playing with the 100 year old alligator. This toy has seen a bunch of kids through its lifetime.

After the Spencer folks had left the house, Sam and Grandma took a walk around the garden paths in the backyard.

This walking "stuff" tires out a lad. It was hot, so Sam enjoyed a cool treat supplied by Grandpa Meads.

Was a good day! Happy birthday, once again, Great Grandma Meads.


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