Thursday, June 05, 2008

Four Hours Later
On The Little Kanawha

In four hours the river has begun to return to its banks. The sun is shinning and it is getting HOT and HUMID! At the 6:30 AM posting, one could not see the sides of the bridge crossing Stewarts Creek. If crest was indeed 32 feet, it is a high one, but does not beat the November 5, 1985 record of 36.46 feet. Only five floods on record in Glenville have exceeded the 32 foot level.

Here is the road leading to the soccer and softball practice field on Van Horn Drive.

Below is the field. Anyone ready for water polo?

Going through water is certainly not advised. It does not help those who are flooded either. The wake allows more water to enter the already flooded buildings.

Here comes the National Guard! Will keep you posted on any new events.


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