Thursday, May 22, 2008


We planted Golden Bamboo (Phyllostachys aurea Car) along the creek in the shade garden. This bamboo is native to China and has been cultivated in Japan for centuries. The bamboo culms can reach a height of 8 to 10 meters (OK- over 30 feet!). It is getting scary, because the plant is on the move as you can see in the photo below. Once the plant is established the growth can be vigorous and can spread rapidly especially in our moist, deep loamy soils. We may have created a monster.

It is a wonderful flower time on Van Horn Drive. Here are a few samples in the yard today.

A peony is ready to bloom. What a smell of spring!

The blue flowers of the columbine are striking.

The dianthus below is vigorously spreading its colors.

You have to love the yellow flowers of the Japanese Kerria. What a great plant! It blooms from spring and into the fall. The Japanese iris are covering the hillside below the Kerria..

Many varieties of irises abound in our yard. Here is just one example.


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