Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ornithology in Flatwoods

We went to Bridgeport last night to help Sarah prepare a ramp supper for her students. It was a neat occasion with a wide variety of ramp dishes. Judy fixed ramps and potatoes (a vegetarian skillet and the meat lover pan with bacon and eggs). We had a ramp noodle casserole, ramp jelly, ramp sauce, and a variety of other foods (hominey casserole, beans and cornbread, green beans with almond, carrots, cheese olive appetizers, salads, and a rich selection of desserts!). It was all extremely good!

On the way home, we stopped by Flatwoods in order to get a few chores completed.

What is this critter in the parking lot of the Flatwoods Mall?

Yep, a sea gull in the middle of the Mountain State. Most Americans associate gulls with coastal beaches, seaports and, perhaps, the Great Lakes. However, gulls are fairly common inland, sometimes far from any large body of water.

This guy loved my oatmeal energy bar! I threw pieces of the bar up in the air and the gull noticed it immediately. (If you ever have thrown bread into the air at the beach, you know how this act attracts large populations of gulls.)


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