Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kindermusik Revisited

Yesterday evening we all went to Miss Carl's Kindermusik class. What joy to see the kids learn by doing! Miss Carla guides the kids through a variety of activities which stresses music, dance, aerobics, storytelling, and other neat activities.

We waited with Sam and Jeff for the class to begin. Sarah met us on her way back from work. Sam spend some time with his friends.

The class begins. Miss Carla is such a pleasant teacher who is a master at leading the kids through each activity.

It is time to hop!

Grandma and Grandma Great were certainly enjoying all the kid's aeorbics!
It is time to demonstrate our rhythm time- shake the eggs!

Swaying in the boat

Many ways to rock
See how attentive Sam is.

Rocking again

It is storytime. Everyone has to sit on the blanket and listen to Miss Carla.

Training for the basketball court

Beating the drum

Everyone gets a stamp on the hand or tummy for a job well done.

We do not know about the kids, but it was great therapy for us.


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