Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yesterday and Today!

Yesterday I took a few snapshots of the flowers starting to show themselves in our garden. This hellebore (Lenton Rose) above is starting to bloom. I am amused when the prime source of my hellebore varieties indicates these plants are deer reistant. I wish Barry would come over and explain it to our deer.

The "Barry" I refer to is Barry Glick of Sunshine Farm and Gardens in Renick, WV. Barry specializes in hellebores and he has an amazing selection. I would suggest you check out his website at

Look below, my friends, and you will see the snow drops starting to display the wonderfully delicate white flowers. You ask, "Why are they called snowdrops?"

Today the answer to that question should be no mystery. Yes, a fresh three inches of snow appeared this morning.

The snowdrops will bounce back as soon as the snow melts. The birds, like this junco, were most appreciative of the sunflower seeds and suet.


Blogger Glickster said...

Hey Jim, THANKS for the mention,


3:27 AM  
Blogger Jim Meads said...

No problem- you are a hellebore master!

3:05 AM  

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