Friday, February 01, 2008

We Witnessed WVU Basketball History!

Last Wednesday we went to Morgantown with Jeff, Sarah, and Sam to watch the basketball game between WVU and Cincinnati. Cincinnati is known as the Bearcats. This is a mystery to me why a team in Northern Ohio would select the bearcat as a mascot. The "Bearcat" is another name for a binturong, a sloth-like mammal from Southeast Asia. Ya gotta love this animal whose defecation smells like popcorn.
I know when Orville Redenbacher died in 1995 that he was given the task of cleaning the cages of all the binturongs in heaven.

As you know we are not big athletic fans, but our son-in-law Jeff has introduced us to the joys of various sports. It has been fun experiencing events that many started to love in their early years. This was our second WVU basketball game. Last year we saw the Mountaineers defeat Georgetown in an amazing game.

Wednesday was equally amazing in a very different way. We experienced the worse shooting in history of West Virginia University basketball. We should have known that history was soon to be made when the coach arrived wearing a bright WVU gold suit with matching gold shoes! West Virginia shot a miserable 20 percent from the floor. The final score was Cincinnati 62 and WVU 39.

This was the worst performance of the season. This loss, West Virginia’s second in a row at the Coliseum after winning 15 straight here, dropped the Mountaineers to 15-6 overall and 4-4 in the Big East. Boy, I am sounding as if I am a sports pro!

Coach Bob Huggins, WVU coach, has a big job to come back from this loss. Bob, try next time leaving that shiny gold suit at home!


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