Friday, January 25, 2008

Flowering Tea- Oh, It Can't Be!

Yes, we discovered the wonders of flowering tea this week. Sarah gave Diana and her Mom each a glass teapot and amazing flowering tea balls. This tea is handpicked, sewen together with specific flowers, and dried so it look like a tea ball. Once the ball is placed in boiling water, the flower quickly blooms and a yummy tea is produced. Please take some time and click on the link below that explains the flowering tea and its production.

The flowering tea balls are shipped in plastic pouches. This shipment had some real interesting names for their flowering tea balls. Lily Basket, Rising Sun, and Golden Prosperity are the teas we can in our kit. There are many other selections from other companies.

Once out of the packaging, the beauty of the tea ball is revealed. How could this be produced with such beautiful symmetry? As you saw in the video link, the folks making these tea jewels are real artisians.

Once we drop the flowering tea ball, it quickly unfolds and develops interesting foliage and flowers.

Once the tea is poured, you can take the tea flower out. It can be used three times to make other cups of this interesting tea.

Diana and Judy toast all their friends with a cup of this interesting tea!


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