Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Evolution of a pond!

In the winter, you may think that our backyard pond is not interesting. Although the koi and other fish are in a deep sleep, many things change. The opening produced by the bubbler during cold weather is a good indication of a prolonged cold period. Last week was a period of cold weather when the lows were in the single digits and highs did not make it out of the 20s. The lowest the old thermometer recorded was 7 degrees. The above photo is the starting of the winter temperatures. Ice beginning to form. Below we see the snow showers have arrived and the opening became more established.

The next two photos show the results of several days of the single digit temperatures. Notice that the opening never has closed, but certaily gets smalled in diameter. (Last winter the opening did close and I had to crack the ice so the fish would have sufficient aeration). My thought during these times are of how this would play out in the tundra. Yes, the hole would be made by a seal and a polar bear would be awaiting at the hole for a meal!

I am certain the ice would not support the weight of a polar bear, but evidence indicates that the racoons do travel across the surface for a drink.

It has warmed the past couple of days and the pond is leaving its icy glory.

This morning it is raining and the ice is barely present. On Friday we enter the month of February. The spring critters and flowers can not be far behind.

Yep, here is a sign of spring, the Japanese pussy willows are now in bloom. Hurray!


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