Saturday, August 04, 2012

Part Five

 First Full Day 

Good Morning!  On Sunday I awoke at 4 A.M. and was ready to walk the beach.

After everyone dressed, breakfast in JOJO's cafe was first on the agenda.  

We headed to the pool.  We would quickly find that this area was a great family favorite.

The boys are so comfortable in the water.  Their  excitement is contagious.  
It was at this time that we checked out our snorkeling skills in the pool.  Nate's snorkel was too large for his face.  Sam's snorkel fit well.

The following picture is titled "Snorkel Love!"

Grandma Shirley and Sam pose for Grandpa Meads' camera.

Sam and Jeff headed to snorkel the coral reef.

You will notice that the buoys are around the protected section of the reef.  The reef system is part of the Princess Alexandra Land and Sea National Park.  People can snorkel around the edge of the reef,  but can not enter the area within the buoys. 

Sam was amazing!  During their first snorkeling experience, they saw many fish - Parrot fish, snappers, and Sargent Majors.

Tomorrow's blog -  supper at Mango Bay. 


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