Thursday, August 02, 2012

Part Three
Windsong Resort

The resort was outstanding.  The ocean was superb.  The ocean is so calm and so blue - due mainly to  the great expanse of coral reefs that surround the islands and act as natures filters. The Turks and Caicos Islands possess some of the least threatened coral reefs in the region. The majority of these reefs are still healthy, with diverse (about 30 species) and abundant corals.

Below is JoJo's Cafe where we ate breakfast every morning and the modified infinity pool.

Our condo was located on the top floor of  Windsong Resort.  The landscaping was wonderful.

Grandma Shirley Dodson takes a look around with Sam and Nate.


Here is the entryway where we took the elevator to the 4th floor and condo #241.

The living area was an open concept with the living, dining, and kitchen flowing together.

The kitchen had all the amenities.  Granite counters and marble floors were throughout the condo.

 There were four large bedrooms with walk-in showers.
Why did we need four when all seven of of could get into one?

Later I'll show you the patios and the roof entertainment area.  Looking at the real estate listings, we discovered this unit sold recently for $2.6 million.  Darn!  We were fixing to buy it to enjoy on long weekends.  Remember that this is either the vacation home or business property for someone ..... but no one we know, or can hardly imagine.

After getting ourselves oriented, we ate supper at JoJo's Cafe. 

The boys ordered Conch Louie! They had no idea what it was, but the name was so much fun to say.   Throughout our trip, the boys discovered that they liked conch (which is, by the way, pronounced with a "k" sound on the end, not an "h." The rest of us enjoyed it as well including conch salad which is served raw.
Well, here is Conch Louie, which is an appetizer.  To make it tender, the raw conch is pounded with a mallet.  In this dish, it is lightly breaded and fried then topped with tomatoes, lettuce, and lemon juice.
Conch must not be overcooked or it becomes rubbery - and we experienced a bite or two of  that on our journey as well as this delicious dish.

Tomorrow... JoJo's Cafe.


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