Thursday, July 12, 2012

To Arizona  (Flora and Lucy!

What a busy week!  Last Thursday we traveled to Bridgeport and stayed with the grand sons until Sunday evening.  Sarah and Jeff attended the PGA events at the Greenbrier Resort during this period. 

On Monday I had a followup PET scan (No cancer), and Tuesday we had an ice cream social at the Presbyterian church to welcome Charlie Ringe, our new interim pastor.  I also traveled to Spencer on Tuesday so Mom Meads could stay with us for the week. 

Yesterday we were busy watching the folks cut down our second huge hickory tree.  It was damaged in the storm that downed trees and interrupted service to a multitude of West Virginians.

I have plenty of material for the blog, so stay tuned.  Yesterday Flora and Lucy did a solo flight to Arizona to visit their other grandparents (Jim and Jane Meeker).  They will stay for 11 days.  Grandma and Grandpa Meeker have many adventures planned for the gals including a camping trip to the Grand Canyon.

The girls arrived safe and sound.


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