Saturday, July 14, 2012

Swim Meet

In the past Sam has been uncomfortable in the water.  This spring Jeff and Sarah took the boys for swimming lessons at the YMCA.  Man,  what a transformation in this kid.  He now is comfortable in the water and is dog paddling like crazy!

Before Jeff and Sarah left for the Greenbrier PGA tournament last Thursday, we all went to the Bridgeport Country Club for a swim meet in which Sam participated.  It is amazing that this kid now enjoys and feels comfortable in his water environment.


I loved the high tech swim caps and messages for the competitors!

Sam entered the relay race and the 25 meter free style.

This week Sam raced the 25 meter free style once again and won the race!  He was extremely proud of his blue ribbon.  This lad is very competitive and I think that is a big motivational factor for his accelerated progress in his wanting to swim.


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