Tuesday, April 24, 2012

 Schlabach Furniture

We found Schlabach Furniture to be an amazing place.  The 10,000 square foot facility is lit by solar tubes and gas lights.  Daniel Schlabach and his wife Linda were so helpful.

Founder Jonas Schlabach keeps the tradition of having every product handcrafted in Holmes or Wayne County, and displaying as much as possible in their showroom. 

Miss Judy selected this quarter sawed mission style oak table.  She asked Daniel if a lamp could be placed on the top.  In a matter of minutes the lad had drilled a hole and mounted the lamp onto the table.  My queen was happy!

Daniel wraps our table with plastic and gets it ready to load into the van.  We paid with a Visa card.  Daniel had to start the generator in order to power the credit card machine.  Oh, the simple life!

Here is a photo of the table in its new home.


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