Saturday, December 24, 2011

Opening of Gifts

I remember when we were kids our tradition was to open our presents just after the Christmas eve dinner. Diana said that when she and Trevor were growing up during World War II that toys were not under the tree. Everything was rationed in England and money and supplies were sparse. She did remember a handmade chicken toy that was made by the Italian troops who had been captured and were camped nearby. This is the pecking chicken toy that we often see in Appalachia. The chickens peck corn grains and it is powered by a swinging weight.The one below shows the basic principle of this toy.

Nate, what is it - a John Deer tractor?

Grandma Great gave all the kids their own piggy bank. She also supplied their first coins to be placed in the piggy's back.

I agree that we probably do more than the kids need or can process at this time.

Aunt Sarah and Uncle Jeff gave the Flora and Lucy a karaoke machine. Flora really has a sweet voice.

It is during this time of gift opening that I often think it is similar to a shark feeding frenzy!

It was a great day. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas celebration!


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