Thursday, December 22, 2011

OK, Jim, Where Ya Been?

I know our blog followers thought something has happened to us for not posting this past week. Here is the scoop. Judy and I traveled to Sarah and Jeff's on Friday (December 16). Saturday was our Meads Christmas with our families and friend, Diana. It was a great occasion. I will blog our Christmas starting tomorrow. We stayed in Bridgeport Sunday night. We had appointments on Monday. Coming home Monday evening I found my body not running on all 6 cylinders. Something was not right in my personal biosphere.

These beautiful microbes pictured above were the culprits. On Tuesday I had all the symptoms of food poisoning. (Yes, I mean ALL!) I walked through the valley of death on Tuesday. Yesterday this arthritic climbed out the other side of the valley and told the man in the black robe holding the scythe that I would not be going with him. (Guess he hated that since he had a quota to fill!)

Tomorrow I shall blog our Meads family Christmas.


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