Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Parade

Folks started lining Main Street a little before 5:00 PM. The blue lights signaled the start of the Christmas Parade.

Several local organizations built floats for this occasion.

Our neighbor, Allie, was a parade princess.

Allie's Dad, Lee, got into the festivities with his big ole mud bogging Jeep!

It is always a joy to watch the kids during this magical time.

Here is the Folk Festival banner carried by Sadie's two great grandchildren.

The twirlers were so cute marching down the street.

Finally the guest of honor arrived from the North Pole.

Santa stepped down from his sleigh and headed to the gazebo in the park. The kids immediately lined up to see this famous guy.

Thanks to Denise and Lee for this picture of Allie with Mr. Claus.

Tomorrow - Christmas program at GSC.


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