Saturday, September 03, 2011

Segway Tour - Part 2

Battelle Riverfront Park is another gem in the city of Columbus.

Battelle Riverfront Park is a series of walkways, promenades and greens on the east side the Scioto River in downtown Columbus. They were designed that you could walk from one end to the other without retracing your path. One of the highlights of the park is the Santa Maria replica. The Santa Maria was sailed by Christopher Columbus in 1492 and landed in the Caribbean. Riverfront Park connects to a series of parks along the river from Bicentennial Park on the south and North Bank Park on the north.

This replica is touted to be the most authentic replica of the Santa Maria and was built in 1991, and dedicated in 1992 during the Quin-centennial Celebrations held in Columbus.

Tours of the Santa Maria help dramatize the determination it took for Columbus and his explorers to set out on their mission. Visitors can experience the lives the sailors led, interact with replicas of the navigational tools they used, play the games they played to pass the time.

At about the half way point in our Segway adventure, we demounted our "trusty steeds" and took a rest. The location was at North Bank Park. This eleven acre park is part of the Scioto Mile Riverfront Complex. This complex is so great.

Here are the two sisters that were part of our Segway team. Sorry, I forgot their names. I asked David (owner of SegAway Tours) if it were possible in the future to supply name tags for folks taking the tours. This would be so beneficial.

Pix is the seasoned traveler with at least three Segway adventures under her belt.

Guide Jim took the Team West Virginia picture. Dan is hiding behind me. It had something to do with his ancestral spirits being trapped in the camera!

Tomorrow - Part 3 of our tour.


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