Thursday, August 25, 2011

The River Adventure

Kids and streams make a wonderful and exciting time. I am always amazed when we see families picnicking by a stream and the parents say, "Do not get in the water!" That is a crazy thing to say to kids. The kids know that is not possible and they are usually wet by the time the parents are still yelling.

The Greenbrier was so beautiful and so inviting for a watery hike. There were two teenage guys who rented a kayak from Jack Horner's Corner. I chuckled as they walked the boat downstream. Yep, water was low.

Sarah recently purchased a Nikon camera and is really enjoying the art of photography. Who would not enjoy taking photos of your kids?

The boys were ready to start the water hike through the waters of the Greenbrier.

Sammy had no fears of walking the rocks.

Nate on the other hand did not want his pinkies wet.

It is such a joy seeing the folks excited about what may be found under the next rock.

This blue crayfish has expired, but it was still a joy to find this specimen.

It was a magical time on the river.

Tomorrow - more from Seebert.


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