Wednesday, August 31, 2011


After the show, we checked into our rooms at the Mariotte's Courtyard Columbus Downtown.

After a brief rest, we drove to our restaurant which was Lindey's, located in the German Village section of Columbus.

The German Village is located just south of downtown, this charming 233-acre neighborhood is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and rightly so, as it's filled with beautifully restored Italianate homes. Adjacent to German Village and to the west is the Brewery District. In the late 1830s through the Prohibition era, the area was known for its collection of family-owned breweries established by German immigrants who resided in the German Village.

This Appalachian tourist is enjoying a refreshing coke with a small amount of spirits added.

We order some really yummy food. Dan ordered the pan seared scallops with sweet corn-edamame succotash, spinach and lobster-tarragon beurre blanc. Pix had the asparagus ravioli which was served with grilled asparagus, wild mushrooms, grape tomatoes, lemon-chive butter and goat cheese

Judy ordered the lobster and shrimp risotta that was lobster, shrimp, asparagus, thyme and parmesan reggiano. I ordered the chef's special which was blackened mahi mahi.

We noticed the tables were decorated with an unusual blossom. We asked our server, Trey, if he could discover the name of the plant. He came back with the answer - twas a Leucadendron, a genus endemic to South Africa.

Dan and Pix love books. When Dan is in Columbus, he always is compelled to stop by The Book Loft which is also located in the German Village. One of the nation's largest independent book stores, The Book Loft stocks more than 100,000 titles in a labyrinth of 32 rooms. After Dan's visit to The Book Loft, we retreated to our hotel. Was a grand day!

Tomorrow - The Segaway Tour


Blogger Roadtrip 62 - Don said...

I'm another traveler who is compelled to stop by The Book Loft every time I pass through Columbus. My favorite restaurant in the German Village is Schmidt's, though.

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