Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Columbus Voyage

On Saturday we traveled with Dan and Pix to Columbus. We had tickets to see the Jersey Boys at the Ohio Theater. The team arrived around noon and parked by the theater. We searched for a quick place to eat and ended up at a Tim Horton's restaurant.

The Ohio theater is located across from the Ohio Statehouse Capitol Building.

The Statehouse features a central recessed porch with a colonnade of a forthright and primitive Greek Doric model, built of Columbus limestone that was quarried on the west banks of the Scioto River. A broad and low central pediment supports the windowed astylar drum, referred to as a Cupola, which contains an occulus that lights the interior rotunda.

The cupola shows direct influence by the Tholos of Delphi, a circular temple built about 360 BC. The Parthenon of Athens is also an influence. No ancient Greek building would have contained windows, but they were a major part of Greek Revival for a more practical reason: before electric light, sunlight was the major source of illumination.

The grounds of the capitol is certainly a pleasant area.

I found these young ladies posing on the Great Seal of Ohio.

Many monuments and statues are located in Capitol Square. On the grounds of the building a large statuary group by Hermon MacNeal is dedicated as a monument to Ohio Governor and U.S. President William McKinley.

Christopher Columbus is a popular guy in this area.

We arrived at the Ohio theater on time and were eager to see the show.


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