Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Camp Dodson

Around 5:30 on Friday evening, Jeff, Sarah, Sammy, and Nate arrived in Seebert. The team immediately went to work to establish Camp Dodson. Notice in the above photo that Sarah bought a 2 acre tarp for placing under the new tent. They had to fold it several times to make it fit the size of the tent.

It is getting serious when Sarah started reading assembly instructions during the first few minutes.

Jeff is a great lad. I am certain he is calculating the area of the bottom of the tent and the area needed to be folded on the BIG BLUE TARP.

It was great to see the parents helping each other in this new construction endeavor. Do I detect some kissing going on?

I did not know that putting up one's tent can be so romantic.

The kids had their own play tent. Sammy was busy learning the ropes of tent erection.

Nate is wondering why no one is playing ball?

The Dodson kids are almost ready to place the tent in place.

Bingo!! The tent is up!

Within an hour Camp Dodson was up and running.

Grandma fixed supper which consisted of salad, meatballs, pasta, and rolls.

The evening was complete when we walked to Jack Horner's Corner to partake of ice cream.

Tomorrow - the river adventure.