Saturday, June 04, 2011

Our Ocracoke Hotel

The Anchorage Inn is a 35 room, four story hotel overlooking Ocracoke’s scenic harbor. We checked in around 3 P.M. and was amazed at the beautiful view of the harbor. Below is the ferry that arrives from Swam Quarter and from Cedar Island.

The Anchorage Inn has their own marina and a dockside cafe.

How wonderful it was to be able to sit on the balcony and see Ocracoke's white lighthouse across the harbor.

Before we checked into our room, the folks explained that the Inn was sponsoring a fishing tournament during the weekend. They were concerned that the fishing folks may be a little loud. We said that was no problem. (And it wasn't.) The tent in front of the building was the center of food preparation for the fishing teams.

It was interesting as we ventured up to our 4th floor room. Judy asked if they had a luggage cart.
No traditional luggage transports, but there were two Rubbermaid utility carts that were used to transport luggage. It was a challenge trying to negotiate the cart into the elevator.

The room and balconies were extremely clean.

The swimming pool was located directly on the harbor. We did not use this area since we were so busy enjoying other aspects of the island.

Tomorrow we will start the blog section that will give you a flavor of this special place. We will leave you with sunset on Silver Lake Harbor.


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