Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tamarack Crafts

Judy loves to shop here. I have always appreciated the wolf in sheep's clothing. Tis too expensive for my check book as are many of the wonderful items sold here. We used to sell lap dulcimers and sold them at the Ripley Arts and Crafts Fair. There was a young potter, Brian Van Nostrum from Hacker Valley, WV. I see that he still is producing fine pottery.

You have to love these dolls. However, these gals would make scary bed partners!

Tamarack has a plethora of art and crafts. Baskets were beautiful. None surpassed the ones made by our friend Deb. Deb does not sell her baskets at Tamarack, but if you are interested ship us an email.

Judy is my quilt lady. The color combinations are so happy.

Speaking of happy colors!!! Wow, the handcrafted shoes are really wonderful. They certainly make a statement.

This fox is preparing for a winter adventure. It was in the 20's so I can understand why the scarf and matching hat are a must for a hiking fox.

Ok- folks, here is a Christmas gift that you may want to purchase for this blog master! It is a bronze blue heron costing several thousands of dollars!

Jeff Fetty produces beautiful items on his Spencer forge.

Tomorrow we will share a few art pieces that we discovered in Tamarack's gallery.


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