Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Twas Saturday around noon when we stopped by Tamarack. Our destination was Glade Springs Resort where Waid Harper and Brittin Sayer were being married.

We enjoy Tamarack arts and crafts as well as the food prepared by folks from the Greenbrier Resort. We were welcomed by the giant daffodils forged by Jeff Fetty of my hometown, Spencer.

It was a snowy day, but the roads were clear.

As we approached the food court, I was contemplating a small snack since we would have a full meal after the wedding ceremony.

I ONLY had an Italian Sausage sandwich with onions and peppers, a cup of chili, and a bowl of their famous greens. (Plus half of Judy's pie)

Tomorrow we will show you around some of the neat areas in Tamarack.


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